Flow Solitude Snowboard - Men's

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Short Description
  • Length:158|161|164|169
    Effective Length(MM):119.5|122|125|129
    Waist Width(MM):24.9|25.5|25.9|26.1
    Tip Length(MM):22.0|22.0|22.4|23.0
    Tail Length(MM):20.0|20.0|20.2|20.6
    Sidecut Radius(MM):8.9-7.9-8.1-7.6-8.9|8-8-8.2-7.7-9|9.1-8.1-8.3-7.8-9.1|9.3-8.3-8.5-8-9.3
    Min/Max Rider Weight(kg):58-75|57-88|61-88+|68-91+
  • Whiskey X:A configuration of 4 Titanal plates that increase strength and dampening and are linked together by either bamboo or pre-cured glass. The combination of different materials delivers a super smooth and effortless ride.
  • Reflex Core:Flow's lightest and most responsive core gives you the highest strength-to-weight wood construction known to man. Focused response where you need it, and more low-to-mid-density woods in specificlocations throughout the board increase strength while decreasing weight, and make your ride all that much easier.
  • Progressive DT Sidecut:3-phase sidecut that has flat areas in the bindings and a different radius between the feet that is mellow for Pow-Rock or tight for Pow-Cam. Combined with a progressive arc and mellow tips PDT delivers a surfy ride with unparalleled grip.
  • Whiskey Bars:Unique V-design using 4 carbon strips delivering increased torsional power and snap to the edges while minimizing the chatter.
Brand Name
From AK lines to BC booters the Solitude is the board. With a setback Pow-Rock on ice destroying PDT and a big nose and tail for gripping first decents. Whiskey X and Whiskey Bars bring pop to the tips with smoothness between the feet for haulin' ass down the gnar.



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