Flux RK Snowboard Binding - Men's

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Short Description
  • High back is impregnated with urethane
  • which allows side to side tweaking
  • but maintains a rigid spine for support on big landings,Featuring a Genetic Baseplate made with a fiberglass and nylon Performance Blend equipped with tool less hardware,F-Tech 3D Fit strap provides an excellent fit
  • free of pressure points,FTM Monocoque toe straps use a molded
  • one piece design for a better hold,Stiffness: 1/5
  • Lightness: 3/5
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Flux was the first to use urethane and they have since perfected the design, to give you a skate like feel with response where you need it. The high back allows movement side to side, but has a stable spine for edge to edge control. The mid-flexing baseplate is tool-less and uses adjustable toe and heel ramps for custom sizing. The RK is perfect for riders that want to surf the snow.



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