Gator Carded Stainless Steel Auto Retract in POP

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  • Spring loaded to retract blade automatically
  • Made of rust resistant stainless steel
  • Includes 3 two notch standard utility blades
  • Blade only exposed when knife is in use
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One Size
OUCH....not what you want to hear when using a utility knife, but in 2012 over 33,000 accidental knife cuts were reported and as many as 4 times that number go unreported. Cutting accidents result largely from the lack of control. While large or full size handles are great for dry wall work, they often limit the operators ability to control the cutting pressure. Downward pressure combined with an extended handle often produces too much force. SlimCut knives let the blades do the cutting. Combined with an automatic blade withdraw, SlimCut Safety knives provide a safe comfortable side grip and positions the operator's hand safely closer to the cutting action allowing for better control.



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