Gibbon Jibline Slackline

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Short Description
  • Thin, flexible webbing provides for a trampoline like effect
  • Rubber based print provides added grip
  • Low mounting height for safe handling
  • Two part kit for quick and easy set-up and take down
  • Includes instruction manual
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Great line even for beginners like myself. Takes awhile to get use to walking the line but once you've got it it is incredibly fun! Love my new slackline! Gear Co-op has turned me into a slacker.


Super easy to set up line, and its not too long so its small enough to throw in a back pack for a day hike or whatever you want. Ratchet system makes setting it up very easy/simple. Way easier than the old webbing and carabiner days.This line is designed more for tricks and jumps, so it has more give and bounce. I prefer it to the classic, even if you aren't looking to do tricks right away. Completely worth the purchase!


I bought this slackline two years ago and it is still in great condition. Perfect for freestyle slackline tricks. I take it everywhere; on road trips, hiking, and to college. It's a sport of it's own and everyone needs to try it. Highly recommend buying one


I am a first-time slackline buyer who knew next to nothing about slacklines. My friend had one and taught me how to use it, and I decided to buy one for myself. The slackline is a great slackline overall. Unlike other versions of this slackline that I've seen, this one has a rubber grip on the ratchet which is much easier on your hands than just metal. My friend liked it so much he tried to switch ratchets with me. It's short enough that its easy to carry around and long enough that you can always find a tree to set it up on.The set up instructions are helpful, but I would still recommend have a friend or a youtube video (Slackline set up walk through: [...] walk you through it your first time. I definitely recommend you buy it!

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