Girl on the Rocks: A Woman's Guide to Climbing with Strength, Grace, and Courage

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For women intrigued by the sport of climbing but intimidated by its male dominance and stereotype as "extreme," Girl on the Rocks is a monumental and essential resource, providing instructions on technique, strength, and mental agility - from a woman's perspective.

Through the sage advice of one of the world's foremost female climbers and the lens of an internationally acclaimed photographer, women learn that climbing is more fun than dangerous, that overcoming fear can boost self-esteem, and that the fitness benefits are tremendous. Most women learn climbing from men, but the sport is different for a woman - both physically and psychologically - and it is empowering for women to learn about climbing from "girls" who've been on the rocks themselves. Bringing the sport to life alongside the book's numerous color photos, Katie Brown's interviews with female climbers - from a young girl to a sixty-something professional climber - reveal, on a more intimate level, what the sport has done for them.



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