GoPro LCD Touch BacPac

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  • Seamlessly attaches to the back of your GoPro
  • Delivers convenient touchscreen control of all camera settings
  • Makes it easy to frame your perfect shot
  • Preview and play back videos and photos, including instant slow-motion playback
  • Integrated speaker with volume control
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Some people get GoPros to document their adventures. Others, to share memories of events both momentous and mundane. But for pro and aspiring cinematographers alike, the GoPro is a whole game-changing animal--one that happens to be not-so-great at on-the-fly playback. Before you figure out how to use your MacBook on the portaledge, consider the LCD Touch BacPac. An official GoPro accessories attachment, the LCD BacPac does the impossible: it gives your GoPro a removable screen while keeping it as small and light and possible. Simply plug it into the back of your GoPro and enjoy touchscreen control of all your camera settings--oh yeah, and a screen so you can frame, preview, and review photos and videos (complete with integrated speaker). It's enough to make you start storyboarding your next epic excursion. (Note: touchscreen incompatible with GoPro HD Hero 2 and HD Hero Original models.)



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