Granite Gear Air Cell Blocks



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Short Description
  • YKK waterproof zipper
  • Daisy chains and haul loop to lash to almost anything
  • Padded insulation to protect valuables and keep drinks and ice cream warm or cold
  • X-Small: 3.4oz 7.5x3.25x2"; Small: 4.5oz 8.5x4x2.75"; Medium: 6.5oz 9.5x4.75x3.5"
Brand Name
Granite Gear
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Padded protection, and insulation for all sorts of stuff from electronics to lanterns. Built with a new material called Temptrol laminated to 3/8" open cell foam. Temptrol is a polypropylene based non-woven perforated fabric that is metallized on one side. This new material reflects 95% of the radiant heat, the major source of heat transfer, to help anything stay warm or cold for much longer. It also offers protection from electromagnetic fields for sensitive electronics. Plus they have YKK water resistant zippersand an internal stretch mesh pocket. But, enough about the technology already! These things are just what the doctor ordered. They can be strapped on nearly any pack, they are built as light as possible and the topper is they look like fruit colored chrome. Pick a few!



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