Granite Gear Air Grocery Bag



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Short Description
  • Carry up to 25lbs
  • Lightweight and compressable
  • Tucks away into sewn in stuff sack that fits in the palm of your hand that also doubles as a wallet when in use
  • Key chain snap hook
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Granite Gear
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Ever wonder what happens to the grocery bags we all bring home every day? Most of us that are concerned about the environment have a drawer full of them, saved with good intentions to re-use them someday, maybe even bring them along next time we go to the food Co-op. Trouble is, no matter how hard you try, you always wind up with more than you need. That's why we've designed an ultralight Cordura sil-nylon bag that stuffs so small it works as a key fob. Oh yeah, and the bottoms won't fall out!



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