Granite Gear Air Style Hiker Wallet

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  • Dimensions: 4x3.25"
  • Weight: 0.35oz
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Granite Gear
Don't you hate it when you get to the trialhead and forget that you still have your bulky wallet full of important yet unnecessary items? You still want to have an ID and a few bucks on you "just in case", but can't justify the weight or the possibility of losing your wallet. The Hiker Wallet is the perfect compromise, a minimal wallet for the trail.



Product appears well-made. Not sure how the thin material will hold up in the long-term, but for holding important items, it is light enough for long distance hiking.


Really handy to use for ID and some cash. Can just clip on a backpack, hip pack, belt loop, etc. Great for the active person - however, only 4 stars as it could be just a little wider so the ID would slip easily inside. As of now, it takes a little push. :)


This little zipper pocket is terrific. Unnoticed weight in the pack but the right size for card, ID and a couple bills. The contents weigh more than the pocket.


this wallet is part of my go to kit now. It makes you think and avoid taking unnecessary weight and clutter from your everyday wallet. Driver license, hunting/fishing license, $20 and a car key is all you need on a trip.

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