Granite Gear Mush Dog Boots - Set of 2



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  • Dog Boot Sizing: Dog boots are ergonomically designed to fit the shape and curves of your dog's foot. For proper fit measure the width of your dogs front paw at the widest point. Front paws are usually larger than rear paws. Then measure the length from the tip of the toe nails to the back of the rear pad.
  • Small: Paw WidthxLength: 2.25x2.75"; Medium: Paw WidthxLength: 2.5x3"; Large: Paw WidthxLength: 2.75x3.5"; X-Large: Paw WidthxLength: 3.25x4"
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Granite Gear
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These boots are designed for traction on snow. They utilize the same ergonomic design and materials as our Endurance Dog Boot with the exception of the sole which is built with the same fabric used in climbing skins for backcountry skiing. They mimic the natural directional texture of a dogs paw. Run a finger across the pad from front to back and the pad feels smooth, run your finger from back to front and you can feel the grip, just like climbing skins!



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