Granite Gear Standard/Expedition Hip Belt - Men's Black



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  • Small 26"-30" Medium 30"-34" Large 34"-38" X-Large 38"-42"
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Granite Gear
Compatible with all Expedition (Stratus or Cirrus) Pack models. It is designed to support serious loads in amazing comfort. In addition to all the features of the Light Pack Belt, the Standard/Expedition Belt is wider and sports our exclusive Cruise Control strap. The Cruise Control is a hip belt stabilizer strap that works dynamically to pull the load into your hips while still allowing the belt to pivot on the Pivot Point hardware. You can adjust how much you want the belt to pivot by loosening the black hip stabilizer strap and adjusting the silver cruise control. Lots of pivot works well off trail or on steep climbs and descents. Less pivot for the flats. You can also lock your belt to eliminate any pivoting action by simply tightening the black hip stabilizer strap. Now that�s Cruise Control!



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