Granite Tactical Gear MP (Modular Pocket) Pouch



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Short Description
  • PALS Attachment System
  • NIR Enhanced Concealment
  • Materials: 500 Denier Solution Dyed CORDURA®
  • Volume: 5-6-2.5: 1.75L; 5-6-4: 1.9L; 6-6-2.5: 2L; 6-6-4: 2.4L; 5-10-4: 3.3L; 7-10-4: 4.6L; 8-8-4: 4.2L
  • Weight: 5-6-2.5: 4.2oz; 5-6-4: 4.6oz; 6-6-2.5: 5oz; 6-6-4: 5.1oz; 5-10-4: 6.2oz; 7-10-4: 7oz; 8-8-4: 6.8oz
Brand Name
Granite Gear
Style Name
Modular Pockets that attach to PALS webbing. We do not accept having gear flopping around on our packs, so we worked to create a system that attaches securely and also stabilizes the load. These have a rigid foam reinforced back sheet for a solid attachment to packs with PALS webbing attachment zones. Top zipper opening for quick access and secure containment. Compression strap to stabilize the load in the pocket. They are sized to fit a wide array of gear and equipment, and to work perfectly with our CHIEF Patrol and other tactical packs.



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