Granite Tactical Gear Tactical Aquasack SteriPen Ready System

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Short Description
  • PALS Attachment System
  • Panel Insert Holds Pen and Extra Batteries
  • 2 Sizes: Fits Half and One Liter Nalgene Bottles (not included)
  • Materials: 500D Pack Cloth
  • Weight: 0.5L: 4.8oz / 138gm; 1L: 6.5oz / 184gm
Brand Name
Granite Gear
Style Name
The Tactical Aquasack is an insulated bag that completely surrounds a bottle with half-inch foam and a reflective insulation material. These sacks help prevent water from freezing while winter camping or mountaineering. They also work great for keeping hot drinks hot in the winter and cold drinks cold in the summer. Haul loop/carry handle or the PALS attachment system allows easy attachment to your pack or belt. It has an IDEAL® TAC Zipper with an inner insulated lid. The outer liner is constructed of 500 denier pack cloth. (Bottle, Steripen & Batteries not included). Reflective bubble insulation keeps your drink warm or cold. NIR Enhanced Concealment.



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