Granite Tactical Gear Voile Straps with Molle Retainer System

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Short Description
  • If anything is better than duct tape it is Voile Straps
  • Stretch polyurethane and a tough nylon buckle
  • Lash together almost anything you can think of
  • Includes MOLLE retainer system
  • Various lengths available
Brand Name
Granite Gear
Style Name
The ultimate cinching attachment system for MOLLE webbing or whatever you can think of! If anything is better than duct tape it is Voile Straps. Made of tough stretch polyurethane and a tough nylon buckle, Voile Straps have many uses. You should always carry a few Voile Straps when travelling in the backcountry. Although we discovered these straps for carrying our skis, we quickly realized the military/tactical uses - lashing odd loads to the CHIEF Flatbed, securing a rifle in a drag bag, or even lashing equipment to the outside of an armored vehicle.



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