Hammock Bliss Deluxe Cinching Tree Straps - Black/Metal Buckle

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Hammock Bliss Deluxe Cinching Tree Straps - Black/Metal Buckle

Short Description
  • 500 Lb Test - Military Spec - Metal Cinching Buckle Is Incredibly Strong & Easily Adjustable
  • Cinching Buckle Tighten The Tree Straps Quickly & Smoothly For Fast Set Up, Adjustments & Take Down
  • Deluxe Tree Straps Are Extra Long & Extend The Distance For Hanging Hammock Bliss's Hammock
  • Tree Friendly Suspension System Protects Both The Rope And The Tree From Abrasion
  • Acts As A Tension Belt To Allow Hammock To Hang From A Pole, Post Or Any Smooth Surface
Brand Name
Hammock Bliss
Part Number
Sport Type
Camping & Hiking
Hammock Bliss Deluxe Cinching Tree Straps make it a breeze to set up and adjust Hammock Bliss's hammock anywhere. Hammock Bliss's military spec 500 lb test metal cinching buckle allows you to easily tighten or loosen the tree straps. Deluxe tree straps are ideal for quick set up, speedy height adjustments and fast take down of Hammock Bliss's hammock. Deluxe Tree Straps protect the tender bark of trees by evenly distributing weight over a wider area while also protecting both the rope and the tree from abrasion. Deluxe Tree Straps are also extra long to enable you to hang Hammock Bliss's hammock from a greater distance. When hanging Hammock Bliss's hammock from a smooth surface such as a pole or post, the tree straps act as a tension belt to prevent slippage. Deluxe Tree Straps make hanging Hammock Bliss's hammock a cinch.



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