Hammock Bliss Sun Shield - Blue

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Short Description
  • During Extended Outdoor Use, Protects Hammock Bliss's Hammock From Fading & UV Damage
  • Made From Durable Waterproof Material To Shelter Hammock Bliss's Hammock From Rain & Dirt
  • Completely Covers Hammock Bliss's Hammock Material Packs Into Storage Pouch While You Relax
  • To Create A Secure Hammock Enclosure, Extend Shield Across Hammock & Cinch Each End
  • When Relaxing In Hammock Bliss's Hammock, Retract & Stuff Shield Into Built In Storage Bag At End Of Hammock
Brand Name
Hammock Bliss
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Sport Type
Camping & Hiking
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The Sun Shield is Hammock Bliss's all weather solution for Hammock Bliss. Many people like to leave their hammock outdoors for extended periods of time but understand that the nylon parachute hammock material can be damaged by the sun. The Sun Shield acts like a condom to protect Hammock Bliss's hammock from the wind, rain and especially the sun. The shield covers Hammock Bliss's hammock completely and then conveniently packs into a storage pouch while you relax. It is the perfect accessory to keep Hammock Bliss's hammock in top condition when you want to leave Hammock Bliss's hammock exposed to the elements. It is ideal for all Hammock Bliss hammocks but also works with other hammocks that do not use a spreader bar. The Hammock Bliss Sun Shield provides a simple solution to keep Hammock Bliss's hammock clean while preventing fading and damage from the sun.



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