Hiking and Biking in the New River Gorge - A Trail User's Guide

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The New River Gorge National River and surrounding state parks encompass more than 80,000 acres of beautiful Appalachian forest and river habitat. This area is an outdoor lover's paradise, with a plethora of adventure sports and opportunities to keep a person busy for a lifetime. Unfortunately, we can't play in the hills all the time - family, friends, and work are also essential components of life! So, with the idea of our limited free time, the purpose of this guide is to introduce you to this wonderful area, inform you about the wide range of opportunities, and get you on the trails as quickly as possible. The text, photos, maps, and elevation charts will keep you on track and help you experience the hidden wonders available along each trail - all 114 of them in this guide.

The New River Gorge offers a wonderful combination of natural beauty, areas of historical and cultural significance, and a healthy dose of adventure sports. Few places in the United States offer such a mix. Be it the simple pleasure of a light breeze rustling the vivid red, brown, and orange leaves in autumn or a swift descent along a switchback by mountain bike, moments spent here are special. Enjoy!



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