Hillsound Men's Super Armadillo Gaiters Mens

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  • The 4-way stretch upper panel offers a close & natural form fit and eliminates need to readjust, pull-up or over-tighten
  • PU coated SuperFabric as lower shell for formidable protection from cuts, abrasion, and puncture.
  • NanoSphere fabric treatment allows permanent element protection such as water, mud, pollen, etc.
  • Padded waterproof zipper placket inside provides enhanced waterproofing and eliminates pressure points.
    With SuperFabric at its base, providing the ultimate in anti-abrasion and slash resistance technology where you need it most, the Super Armadillo Nano gaiter can withstand and endure the adventures you encounter.
  • Small Sizing: 6-8.5 US
  • Medium Sizing: 8-10.5 US
  • Large Sizing: 10-12.5 US
  • X-Large Sizing: 12-15 US
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The durability and tough protection from the SuperFabric lower will withstand any scraping or punctures from crampons to scree or icy mountain approadches. The upper is made of Flexia stretch fabric to ensure a snug fit that won't pinch or fall down. With a YKK zipper for easy on and off access on the trail, no debris or water will interfere with your hike!



Very high quality material construction but I don't feel the gaiter fits low enough over the laces. Also, the hook which hooks to your laces is upside down compared to past models I have had. It still works fine but seems more awkward to put on and take off.

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