HITCASE Pro for Iphone 4/4S

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  • Hitcase Pro has a built in lens for capturing professional quality photos and videos. It doubles the effective field of view of your iPhone so you get more action, more of the time
  • HITCASE's patent-pending ShockSeal design is both simple and rugged. Removes easily, so you can field strip your Hitcase to give it a good cleaning or quickly replace your ShockSeal if ever needed down the road.
  • The back of your iPhone is cradled by HITCASE's waveform Shockpad that keeps everything in place and secure. Protecting your iPhone from drops while tightly pressing it against the protective screen so your texts and emails get typed without a hitch.
  • The headphone jack of your iPhone is accessible through Hitcase by simply removing the port plug and plugging in your Apple headphones. When you're done, push it back in and you're iPhone is ready to tackle the wet stuff, submersible up to 5m or 16 feet.
  • All the pins and buttons on Hitcase are made with beautiful, machined stainless steel so it's tough and looks good at the same time.
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Hitcase Pro for iPhone 4/4s revolutionizes the way you use your iPhone.



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