HITCASE Pro for iPhone 5 (Closeout)

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  • Waterproof and ruggedized. HITCASE's patented ShockSeal design protects your phone from the elements while shielding it from shocks and drops so you can adventure with confidence
  • RailSlide™ Mount system. Mount anwhere! Mount Hitcase without removing your helmet! Comes with a GoPro® compatible mount, as well as Hitcase's TRipod and StickR mouts. Auto locking and One button trigger release makes this the easiest mount you've ever used. (patents pending)
  • Wider angle lens. Hitcase Pro/5 has precision three-element 170 degree lens for capturing beautiful photos and stunning videos. It triples the effective field of view of your iPhone so you get more action, more of the time.
  • Apps. There are a ton of amazing apps for iPhone that will help you get the most out of your Hitcase. Hitcase's own app is called Vidometer, which lets you overlay your speed, altitude, and G-Force on your videos so your friends know it really went down that way.
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HITCASE Pro/5 is designed to give you a wider perspective so you can get more action out of your videos and photos, more of the time. Our compact precision lens, combined with rugged weather, and waterproof features gives you an exceptional iPhone accessory that keeps your focus where it needs to be.



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