How to Rock Climb! 5th (How To Climb Series)

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How to Rock Climb! is the most thorough and the best-selling instructional rock climbing book in the world. This nuts-and-bolts guide serves as an introduction to rock climbing for beginners and helps intermediate climbers hone their knowledge of the sport. All the fundamentals, from ethics to getting up the climb, are here.
Thoroughly updated with more than 400 color photographs and illustrations, this fifth edition covers all aspects of modern equipment, technique, and training methods. It is the most complete upgrade since its first publication more than fifteen years ago.
In his landmark clear, concise, and entertaining style, veteran rock climber John Long provides the basics and distills the intricacies of modern technical rock climbing in all its diverse forms. Throughout, he stresses safety and simplicity, and in this new edition he puts special emphasis on setting protection and building reliable anchors.
Inside you'll find all the information you need on:
  • Footwork and handhold positions
  • Finger, hand, and off-width cracks
  • Equipment, including ropes, anchors, and belay devices
  • Sport climbing and traditional climbing
  • Lead climbing and toproping
  • Downclimbing and rappelling
  • Training, including bouldering and climbing gyms



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