Jones Solution Splitboard - Men's 168 Wide



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  • The world's best selling splitboard,Time tested shape and flex deliver performance equal to your solid freeride board,Features like the Blunt Nose and Directional Rocker keep the board floating in deep snow,Mellow Magne Traction locks in edges and Carbon Stringers give the board a lively feel,Jones strives to maximize sustainability and only recycled plastics are used in construction
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You wanna explore "Deeper" into your backyard? How about chasing "Further" into the wilderness? Well then, strap into the splitboard that Jeremy, Forrest and Ryland tested day-in day-out filming these two epic movies. The Solution splitboard is a backcountry chariot designed to charge up-and-down without sacrificing board performance when the terrain gets dicey. It's the identical split twin to the Flagship and is equally sought after because of features like the inner and outer edge Mellow Magne-Traction and the directional rocker profile matched with positive camber underfoot. The blunt nose on the Solution also adds awesome float and a legit tail makes it easy to stomp around riding switch. If your backcountry plans for the season demand nothing less than the ultimate all-conditions splitty, there is only one Solution for what you deserve in a splitboard.



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