K2 Annex 118 (Seth) Freeride Skis

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  • Progressive Sidecut
  • Powder Tip
  • Skin Grommets
  • Kick Tail
  • ZCLIP Skin Compatible
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The Seth Morrison Pro Model.
Seth Morrison continues to push big mountain skiing with this pow-slaying, hard-charging fall line machine.

Powder Rocker
ROCKER: Easy initiation, versatility, agility.
CAMBER: Control, edge hold, rebound.
This tip has the most elevation and longest measurement of Rocker and offers skiers a "surfy" feel with enhanced soft-snow performance. The camber region still exists to ensure edge-hold on firmer conditions.

Triaxial Braid
The patented Triaxial Braiding results in great torsional strength while retaining the lively flex patterns.

Wood Core
K2 uses a variety of wood cores for energy, rebound, and a liveliness only found in wood core skis. Our wood cores consist of different species of wood based on the desired flex and target performancei.

Directional Taper
Moderately wider tip than tail maximizes the skis performance in the forward direction.

Hybritech Sidewall
Hybritech is a unique blend of sidewall and cap constructions. The construction combines the accuracy, power, and performance of sidewall underfoot with the lightweight characteristics and smooth turn initiation of cap construction.

Progressive Sidecut
Progressive sidecut is a combination of two different radii, or sidecuts, that enhance the versatility of wider-waist skis. The use of progressive sidecut on wider-waist skis guarantees improved turn initiation and hard-snow performance.

Powder Tip
Designed to be more predictable in soft snow conditions, these tips are designed to strike the perfect balance of maximizing float while reducing tip deflection.

Skin Grommets
The new freeride tip and tail grommets are a clean, simple design that no longer requires a plug. The durable rubber coating disguises a slit designed to accommodate both the Z clip for our skin attachments, and the components to build a rescue sled.



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