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  • Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision
  • Ri-Pel® hydrophobic coating
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Triple-layer fleece-lined face foam delivers consistent comfort
  • Pantoscopic lens angle for maximum vertical field of vision
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Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision
Responding to the varying needs of our riders, the PhotoPhase offers both mirrored and non-mirrored lens options in a performance-driven frame design. Riders will enjoy the new, expanded collection of available frames colors, offering the ability to merchandise with their K2 helmet. Frame Size: Medium - height 80mm.

Creators of some of the world's most advanced optics, Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision bring incredible quality and experience to the optics of K2 Goggles.

Ri-Pel® is designed to minimize scratching and smudging, expel residue from water, sweat, and fingerprints, and enhance overall visibility.

Helmet Compatibility
Through the helmet-driven topline design and custom engineered strap brackets of each frame, K2 goggles achieve maximum fit and ventilation with all K2 helmets.

Triple-Layer Fleece-Lined Face Foam
Custom fabricated, triple-layer fleece-lined face foam delivers consistent comfort and allows for close face-to-lens proximity, maintaining ultimate pantoscopic angle.

Pantoscopic Angle
The pantoscopic angle of our goggles ensures maximum vertical field of vision and optical performance by matching the pantoscopic angle of your eye to the goggle lens.



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