K2 Sapera Snowboard Boot - Women's

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Short Description
  • Key Technologies: Harshmellow; Conda; Intuition
  • Construction Features:
    Lacing System: Boa® Coiler
    Liner Lacing: Conda#8482;
    Liner:Intuition™ Control Foam 3D
    Outsole: New Phy-Light with Harshmellow™
    Footbed:3D Formed EVA with Harshmellow #8482;
    Liner Fit: Custom Moldable External J Bars, Velcro Pod Closure
    Details: 3D Formed Tongue, Micro Articulating Cuff
Brand Name
With it's Boa® Coiler lacing and K2 Conda™ liner tightening, the Sapera™ has more fit focused design then boots at twice the price. Harshmellow™ vibration killing power and Intuition's custom molded comfort make this the perfect fit for any level women rider.



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