K2 Ultra Dream Wide Snowboard (F2012 Closeout)

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Short Description
  • Key Technologies: Tweek End; Bambooyah;BC Shaping
  • Construction Features:
    Baseline: All Terrain Rocker Tweekend
    Damping: Standard
    Construction: Hybritech
    Shape: BacksideHyper Progressive
    Stance: Setback 3/4" (19mm)
    Core: Bambooyah Blend WH4
    Glass: Traix / ICG 20
    Additives: Carbon Web II
    Base: ø Sintered
    Base Bevel: 1°
  • Specs:
    Effective Edge (mm) 1167.6; Tip Width (mm) 290.7;
    Waist Width (mm) 255;
    Tail Width (mm) 290.7; Sidecut Radius (m)8.0;
    Stance Setback (in) 0.75;
    Stance Setback (mm) 19.05
Brand Name
Color Name
The all-new 2012-2013 K2 Ultradream snowboard is a tuned up version of the legendary Turbodream. This backcountry leaning, go anywhere board comes equipped with the all new Tweakend™ modified All-Terrain Rocker and Long Blend tip and tail shaping which provides more surface area for substantial float and incredible landings. Step up and into the Ultradream.



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