K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard (F2012 Closeout)

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Short Description
  • Key Technologies: Jib Tip; Diecut P-Tex Top; Hyrbritech Construction
  • Construction Features:
    Baseline: Jib Rocker®
    Damping: Standard
    Construction: JibTip. Hybritech
    Shape: Twin Hyper Progressive
    Stance: Centered
    Core: W1
    Glass: Biax / Biax
    Additives: P-Tex Top
    Base: 2000 Extruded
    Base Bevel: 3°
  • Specs:
    Effective Edge (mm) 1152.2; Tip Width (mm) 285;
    Waist Width (mm) 245;
    Tail Width (mm) 285; Sidecut Radius (m)7.6;
    Stance Setback: Centered
Brand Name
Color Name
The Weapon has been pushing rider creativity on jibs for over a decade. Originally designed by the Robot Food era K2 team, the Weapon was created as a platform for progression and originality, a style carried on by riders like Nick Dirks and Jake Kuzyk in 2012-2013.



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