K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard

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Short Description
  • Freestyle Baseline
  • Standard Damping
  • JibTip Hybritech™ Construction
  • Twin Dual Progressive Shape
  • Stance: Centered
Brand Name
Color Name
Iconic Urban Destruction
If you've ever met Nick Dirks or watched his video parts it's plane to see his playful and energetic exterior but inside he's calculated and particular. The K2 World Wide Weapon snowboard shares that balance of playful performance. Underneath the weapon's ten year history of playful jibs is a technically precise freestyle deck designed with the freedom of skateboarding in mind.

Jib Tip
Jib Tip integrates a longer effective edge with shorter nose and tail, allowing you to drop down 5 cm in board size without losing the stability of a longer board. Perfecting jibs, butters, flips, and spins has never been easier.



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