K2 Yeah Yeah Snowboard Binding

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Short Description
  • A-Line GF Chassis
  • New Women's Tweekback™
  • Women's Custom Caddi Ankle Strap
  • Hinge Mount and Cam-Lock Centering Strap
  • Tool-Less Universal Toe Strap
Brand Name
Style Name
Yeah Yeah, They're Amazing
This smooth, flexible Tweekback™ equipped snowboard binding is designed to provide agile possibilities without loosing crucial heel side support. These bindings allow Leanne Pelosi to get technical on rails yet still land heavy hits with style and comfort. Join this tweeked out party and see for yourself!

Five years of 100% Urethane Tweekbacks. Optimizing for maximum tweak, heelside support and weight reduction, we now offer 3 distinct flexes. Now more then ever Urethane works for any riding style or situation.

The K2 R+D department has taken a step back and completely redesigned the inner workings of our ractchets. Focusing on long lasting smooth operation, the result of this two year design study and production ramp up are the ultra dependable ultra buttery feeling RADchets.



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