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  • Python Straps can safely suspend the user by anchor points that are over twenty feet apart,Materials: Polyester Tubular Webbing,Max Capacity: 500lb,Packed Size: 4" dia x 5.5",Weight: 12oz
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When designing the Kammok Python Straps, Kammok found inspiration from the python snake - known for its vice-like grip and excellent tree hugging capabilities. The Python Straps are 10 ft daisy-chain suspension systems that allow the adventurer to quickly and safely hang their Kammok Roo camping hammock (or other hammock) from any tree, rock, post, or anchor point capable of bearing their weight.

The Python Straps provide eighteen points of connection on each strap, providing ultimate adjustability for the perfect hang. When attachment points are sparse, and distance matters, the Python Straps can safely suspend the user by anchor points that are over twenty feet apart. Python Straps come in pairs (2 per set) and are packaged in their own water-resistant pouch. Reflective tracers are woven the length of the Python Straps so that they are very visible in low-light conditions.

Inspect your Python Straps before and after every use. You should be looking and feeling every inch of the straps for cuts, nicks and abrasions in the sheath. Normal wear and tear will cause this over time, and Python Straps must be replaced when damaged or old. Wash Python Straps by hand in a bucket/bathtub or machine using cold water and mild soap. Use the delicate cycle when washing in a machine. Hang to dry, uncoiled, away from direct sunlight.

Technical Specifications: Measurements: 10' x 0.75". Weight: 12oz. Max Capacity: 500lb. Packed Size: 4" dia x 5.5". Materials: Polyester Tubular Webbing. Tree Friendly and UV treated. High tensile strength. Bar tack stitching. 18 Daisy Chain attachment points. Reflective webbing. Included Stuff Sack: Reflective drawstring, Nylong Ripstop Shell, DWR finish, Double stitched seams, Reinforced stress points.



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