Komperdell Touring Carbon C3 Tour Power Lock Alpines Poles

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Short Description
  • Padded strap
  • 3-section: upper & middle section: carbon Ø 18/16 mm, lower section: Titanal .HF, Ø 14 mm
  • vario winter basket
  • Packed size: 70 cm
  • Max. Length: 150 cm/57,7"
Brand Name
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Made for the true heroes in mountaineering.

Carbon Makes Sense
Carbon poles are light( not one once too much). Stiffer and non-corrosive as compared to regular aluminium poles.

Expedition Contour Grip
Made of EVA foam it's ideal if you want to grasp the pole lower. The grip is 45% lighter than conventional ones.

Power Lock II
For athletes looking for the perfect ride on any terrain. On groomed slopes, fun parks or off-piste. With their variable poles you can easily adjust the length of your pole to your personal needs. Komperdell have increase the holding force by 90%. Fast and easy to adjust, even in lowest temperatures and wearing gloves.



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