La Sportiva Futura Rock Climbing Shoe - Men's



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  • Construction: Slip Lasted
  • Upper: Leather / Synthetic Leather; Lining: Unlined
  • Midsole: 1.1mm LaspFlex (toe only) with P3®; Sole: 3mm Vibram® XS Grip2
  • Last: PD 75; Fit: Performance w/ High Asymmetry
  • Weight: 8 oz / 225 g
Brand Name
La Sportiva
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The No Edge concept brings your foot closer to the rock for better edging performance, increased sensitivity and more homogeneous wear. An all-synthetic upper does not stretch out and the Fast Lacing System® cinches down with a hook and loop closure. The P3® platform gives you the downturned power needed for hard boulder problems. The overall feel of the shoe is lightweight, thin and sensitive for hi-performance bouldering, sport climbing, technical trad climbing and gym climbing. These are little Ferraris for your feet that give you the ability to feel the texture of the rock climbing surface and stand on the tiniest edges. New "no-edges" concept from the Speedster gives the maximumedging advantage right out of the box. P3 technology lets you crank on overhangs and climb like a monkey. Fast Lacing System from the Solution gives you a snug, precise fit. Excellent sensitivity for extremely technical projects.

Vibram® XS Grip
The hardest and stickiest climbing rubber on the market made for La Sportiva by Vibram®. XS Grip comes in a number of different thickness' including 3.5 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm. This proprietary formula surpasses all others in edging ability and smearing performance while remaining durable and even wearing.

Permanent Power Platform used in climbing shoes to maintain the downturned shape of the shoe for the life of the shoe.



I wanted and aggressive shoe for climbing in the gym and wasn't disappointed. The no-edge design works amazingly well. When you put the shoe on it sucks onto the foot. I had to size them one size larger than what I wear for the Katana Laced. Liked them so much, I bought a second pair when they went on sale.


I purchased the Futura for bouldering in the gym. The shoes are very aggressive so you should try them out before purchasing. The no edge design works well.


Most sensitive rock boot available. I prefer this to both the Genius and Speedster.


There is no better shoe available worldwide. I've tried all of the, including the Speedster and Genius, and I still prefer the Futura.


Good shoe. Despite what Sportiva says about sizing I found that you still have to down size at least 3 sizes to get this shoe to perform near the Speedster. Still prefer the sensitivity of the speedster


Once you get used to these shoes you can never climb with shoes, with edges, again. They are so sensitive and change the way you climb all angles of rock.


one of the best shoes around


Good shoe. Have to really downsize them to get the right fit

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