La Sportiva Genius Rock Climbing Shoe - Men's

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  • No-Edge technology delivers unparalleled edging performance on the rock
  • P3 patented technology delivers mind bending power
  • Lace-up comfort makes this shoe fit every type of foot
  • WEIGHT: 7.76 oz / 220 g
  • Unlined suede leather / micro fiber upper
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La Sportiva
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The tip of the spear: a high-end lace up climbing shoe with No-Edge™ technology. The highest performance climbing shoe on the market.

No Edge Concept™
The No-edge concept eliminates the traditional “edges” of the sole. This allows the foot to come into closer contact with the rock surface, thus enhancing foot sensitivity and allowing optimum contact on the hold. With the No-Edge construction, climbing becomes more fluid, instinctive and harmonious.

P3®Permanent Power Platform
A technical randing system developed to deliver power to the sole and to maintain the down-turned shape of the shoe. The randing system starts under the toes and wraps around the whole foot. This maintains the down-turned aggressive profile of the shoe which allows for better performance and power transmission for the life of the shoe.



These shoes were honestly a game changer for my climbing. I had been climbing in decent intro shoes (sportiva nagos) for a couple of years before investing in the genius, and had no idea what a quality shoe would actually feel like. I sent them on their maiden voyage in Joshua Tree over the weekend and found that I was able to shimmy up previously impossible friction slabs with (relative) ease, and a whole realm of minuscule foot placements felt like climbing-gym bombers. These shoes are tried and true and stand up to their reputation, complelty exceeding all my expectations.


I thoroughly love these shoes, but they seem to wear incredibly quick. They last about 2 months before the toe starts to wear out.






fit is great, haven't had them on a wall yet but looking forward to it!

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