La Sportiva Python Climbing Shoe - Men's



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Short Description
  • IDEAL TERRAIN: overhanging sport routes, bouldering, gym climbing and technical face climbing
  • UPPER: Leather
  • LINING: Unlined
  • MIDSOLE: 0.8mm LaspoFlex
  • SOLE: 3.5 mm Vibram XS Grip 2
  • LAST: PD75
  • FIT: Performance w/High Asymmetry
  • WEIGHT: 7.50 oz / 200 g
Brand Name
La Sportiva
Color Name
The Python was built specifically for our climbing team to satisfy the need for the perfect comp shoe. The ideal tool for high level modern climbing where you need sticky rubber over the toes and full rubber coverage on the outside of the heel for technical heel hooks. The Python has an added tension strap for lower volume feet that can't get a good fit in a slipper. Unlined and super sensitive for technical smears, scums and body tension moves where your feet are barely on the wall.

Vibram® XS Grip
The hardest and stickiest climbing rubber on the market made for La Sportiva by Vibram®. XS Grip comes in a number of different thickness' including 3.5 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm. This proprietary formula surpasses all others in edging ability and smearing performance while remaining durable and even wearing.



A greatly balanced shoe that can be used for anything. It's stiff enough to size comfy, but can be sized super small as a performance shoe. Great for toe hooking and one of the best heels around.


One of the best shoes around. Awesome feel, the best heel around in my opinion, great for toe hooking and great for edging if you have strong feet. I just wish they made this shoe more aggressive with the P3 rand. For aggressive down sizers I went down 4 sizes. The shoe stretches a lot.


This is my third pair of pythons. This shoe fits me perfectly and is one of the best all around climbing shoes that I have ever worn.


Excellent rock shoe, keep it in stock!


One of the best all around shoes out there



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