Lalo Tactical BUD/s Grinder Shoes - Men's

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Short Description
  • Mid-foot mobility shoe that shines in a variety of cross-training activities.
  • SuperFabric technology: a fabric overlay with tiny flexible armor plates that resist abrasion and protect the foot.
  • Stability Wrap envelopes your mid-foot for extra support.
  • Stability Arch constructed to the outsole of the shoe creating a dynamic platform to aid balance.
  • Weight: 6.2 oz, based on men's size 9, 4mm drop
Brand Name
Lalo Tactical
Closure Type
Sport Type
This lightweight cross-trainer is as light as a feather and looks as sharp on the street as it does in the gym. Features Anti-Inversion Technology, the LALO OCF Fit System, and a ceramic-coated SUPER FABRIC toecap. The Grinder is a mid-foot mobility shoe that shines in a variety of cross-training activities.



Lalo did a great job with their 1st Gen. Grinder, but there's obvious room for improvement. It was a little tricky to figure out the size & lacing system. But once you work through it, it's no BD. The shoes definitely run at least a half size smaller than my reebok nano size. I have been a consistent 10.5 through each evolution and a 10.5 was painfully small. I then ordered an 11 and that was noticeably better, but my slightly larger left foot was a little aggravated by the snug toe box. There's enough width for my unusually large midfoot (2E w/o socks) and toes to splay (a bit). But the toe box height is compact (for lack of better words), and the flexion point between my toes and metatarsal area became sore on my left foot. In all fairness, I had a cramped foot due to improper lunge form and stiffness in those joints. But the shoe just made it more pronounced. When putting my shoes on they actually bunched my socks up and I had to unlace them more so I could be free of wrinkles. One thing I would like to see in the future would be more rubber underfoot. The midsole is exposed to vulnerability in several places and there's not enough rubber in the heel & mid-foot areas for great traction over various terrain. Plus the softer exposed midsole is where everyone needs more traction and that material is wearing down quickly from doing nothing more than walking. The shoe is light & flexible enough to close the cross shaped gaps & add rubber. All that said, this shoe has a BIG Upside! Once you get your size right, the shoe is bangin'! First, let me say the lateral support is Excellent! The bladed fin on the sole, paired with the foam heel and midfoot support gives unrivaled stability in it's class. Dare I say, better than the nano s? I say yes. It feels better too. With the support being foam & it being on the outside of your foot, it acts as a flexible, yet stable, protective cushion. Opposed to the overly stiff heel counter in the Nanos 5s (although I did get blisters on my heels when I wore the grinders w/o socks). Your foot sits below the stability zones and that makes a big difference in lateral agility. The sole and upper move as one. Not your foot & a flexible upper moving in the opposite direction of the sole. Love the minimalist thin upper atop a technical, well built - yet flexible lower (*** near Perfect). The shoes are light, breathable, flexible, mostly durable and sexy in the desert colorway. Gotta like that black ops vibe too. Also, They're super quiet on hard dry surfaces. For all you creepers, these are cool sneakers. ;) Give em a shot, they're worth it for the high level of versatility and functionality. Hope this helps!

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