Leki Balance Alpine Ski Pole - Women's



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  • 16mm 6.0HTS Aluminum Shaft
  • Trigger S Compact grip
  • Carbide tip, Race Baskets
  • Length: 42-48 inches (105-120cm)
  • Weight: 426 grams per pair (115cm)
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A lighter, faster pole for women. The 'Balance' is a trendy design that features the Trigger S grip and a delightful mix of ornate period features and modern functional technology. The matte base coat with glossy, delicate graphics gives this model the right finishing touches. The consistent overall concept make the 'Balance' a quality companion on any run. Aluminium - For its top poles, LEKI uses exclusively high-strength aluminum shafts (like those used in aircraft construction), avoiding the use of cheaper materials. These are prepared and hardened in a process specially developed by LEKI. They are highly stable and able to withstand the most extreme conditions and types of use. With this state-of-the-art technology, LEKI is in a special position to offer pole designs which feature long lifetime and durability. LEKI quality is legendary! Trigger S - GripRelease button for quickly clicking the strap out of the grip. Safety spring-loaded release system which releases the strap when tensile stress enters from above. Access console allows clicking into grip quickly and comfortably. The first safety binding in a ski pole - visible and patented technique. Falling injuries can be minimized. 4 finger grooves for a perfect grip and optimal control. Integrated grip lines allows for a super powerful grip. 2-component material grip: soft surface, hard core. Absolute grip stability in spite of soft surface. Integrated correction zone in the grip +8 degree; for optimal start movement when using the pole. StrapConsole individually adjustable distance for optimal transmission of energy. Trigger S loop - small, strong, flexible - reliable binding and maximum transmission of energy. Perfect cut. GloveGlove system perfect the Trigger S system for the highest level of comfort, integrated safety, patented, and tried and tested in use. Sold as a pair.



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