Leki Bliss Alpine Ski Pole - Women's

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Short Description
  • 16mm TS Aluminum Shaft
  • PAS Soft grip
  • Steel tip, Race Baskets
  • Length: 42-48" (105-120cm)
  • Weight: 494 grams per pair (120 cm)
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The highest-quality tapered aluminum shafts with clean graphic lines in a choice of colors. The 'BLISS' is a women's go-to performance model that will take you anywhere on the mountain. With the security-conscious compact Positive Angle grip and security strap and the sophisticated look, this model turns heads on every run! Aluminium - For its top poles, LEKI uses exclusively high-strength aluminum shafts (like those used in aircraft construction), avoiding the use of cheaper materials. These are prepared and hardened in a process specially developed by LEKI. They are highly stable and able to withstand the most extreme conditions and types of use. With this state-of-the-art technology, LEKI is in a special position to offer pole designs which feature long lifetime and durability. LEKI quality is legendary! Sold as a pair.



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