Leki Speed S Alpine Ski Pole

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  • 14mm Aluminium 6.5 Shaft
  • Trigger S Slalom Grip
  • Carbide Flextip
  • Cobra Basket
  • Length: 44-54 inches
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The name says is all: tried and true Trigger S technology for higher safety, maximum comfort and a true nature experience. Very solid alpine pole made of classic components, such as a Slalom grip and a high-strength robust aluminum pole make you want to hit the slopes. The 'Speed S' is tough and won't let you down. Aluminium - For its top poles, LEKI uses exclusively high-strength aluminum shafts (like those used in aircraft construction), avoiding the use of cheaper materials. These are prepared and hardened in a process specially developed by LEKI. They are highly stable and able to withstand the most extreme conditions and types of use. With this state-of-the-art technology, LEKI is in a special position to offer pole designs which feature long lifetime and durability. LEKI quality is legendary! Trigger - GripRelease button for quickly clicking the strap out of the grip. Safety spring-loaded release system which releases the strap when tensile stress enters from above. Access console allows clicking into grip quickly and comfortably. The first safety binding in a ski pole - visible and patented technique. Falling injuries can be minimized. 4 finger grooves for a perfect grip and optimal control. Integrated grip lines allows for a super powerful grip. 2-component material grip: soft surface, hard core. Absolute grip stability in spite of soft surface. Integrated correction zone in the grip +8° for optimal start movement when using the pole. StrapConsole individually adjustable distance for optimal transmission of energy. Trigger S loop - small, strong, flexible - reliable binding and maximum transmission of energy. Perfect cut. GloveGlove system perfect the Trigger S system for the highest level of comfort, integrated safety, patented, and tried and tested in use. Sold as a pair.



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