Mad Rock Mugen Tech 2.0 Climbing Shoes



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Short Description
  • 2.0 upgrade includes our new proprietary material called the Power Flex Upper
  • New progessive angle 3D molded heel cup
  • A hemp foot bed keeps odors under control and minimizes stretch
Brand Name
Mad Rock
Color Name
The 2.0 upgrade includes our new proprietary material called the Power Flex Upper. It is a fusion of 2 way stretch brushed polyester and our Science Friction 3.0 rubber formula. The end result is a material that is super sticky, sensitive, comfortable, and envelopes your feet like no other climbing shoe before it. The new progessive angle 3D molded heel cup hooks, smears, jams and locks better than any other heel design out there by using only our Science Friction 3.0 climbing grade rubber formula. The hemp foot bed is inherently antimicrobial and antibacterial which keeps the shoes smelling fresh. Mugen Tech 2.0 is our high performance all around shoe of choice that every climber should have in their inventory.
Recommended use:
  • Bouldering
  • Sport
  • Gym
  • Competition
  • Classification: All Around High Performance
  • Closure: 2-strap
  • Stiffness: 3
  • Shape: Asymetric
  • Upper Material: Premium Leather
  • Footbed Material: Hemp
  • Toe Patch: PowerFlex
  • Toe Patch Thickness: 2.4 mm
  • Midsole: Standard
  • Midsole Material: Compressed Polyester
  • Midsole Thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Sole: Flat
  • Sole Thickness: 3.8 mm
  • Rand: R2
  • Rand Thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Heel: 3D Molded PHH
  • Color: Blue/Grey/black
  • Weight (US 9): 288g



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