Mad Rock Oval Tech Straight Gate

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Mad Rock
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Mad Rock's Ultra Tech just got ovaled



A few of the reviews here mention that the product pictured isn't correct; the pictures are now correct. Very good carabiner. I use 3 of them and a rappel ring to set up a slackline.


This is one of the only keylock-nosed oval biners available anywhere, and it can be hard to find. But it is great for racking pro on your harness, and the keylock combined with the oval shape makes it far superior for that purpose than most biners available. Doesn't snag so easily on wires, webbing, etc. Also it is much cheaper than Petzl's keylock oval. Don't know why more outdoor/climbing-specific retailers carry this; I was only able to find it on Amazon and a couple other random places. I've bought five and I love them.

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