Mad Rock Ultralight Carabiners - Straight & Bent Wire Gate - Singles & 5-packs

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Short Description
  • The lightest biner in its size - only 30 grams!
  • Full 25kN strength, 7kN cross, and 8kN gate open - 23mm gate clearance
  • Anodized silver or red finish
  • Incredible value
  • Also available in a bent wire version for easy clipping.
Brand Name
Mad Rock
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At a mere 30 grams, this is the lightest biner for its size and still rocks a full 25kN strength. Unlike other ultralight biners, which are compact in size, the Mad Rock Ultralight is larger and more usable. In fact, you might not notice that it's only slightly smaller than traditional full size biners, but rack up a set and you will certainly notice the huge difference in weight. The latest design in forged I-beam construction, anodized finish for corrosion resistance, smooth gate operation, and amazing value make the Ultralight perhaps the ultimate carabiner on the market.



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