Mammut Flash 10.5mm Dynamic Climbing Rope - 60m Superdry Duodess (Bi-pattern)

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Versatile for an array of uses thanks to the high strength-to-weight ratio and long life expectancy; increased sheath percentage enhances durability Don't worry about water absorption and dirt damaging your rope as it's dry treated with Mammut's Superdry sheath and core treatment process that ensures functional integrity Work the rope with increased ease as Mammut's DuraFlex heat treatment process results in smooth handling characteristics Improve your awareness and safety as the Duodess option places a pattern change at the halfway point of the rope so you're more aware when rappelling and belaying Specifications: Diameter: 105 mm Length: 60 to 70 meters Type: single Weight per meter: 71 grams UIAA falls: 9-10 Dry treated: yes Impact force: 9 kN Static elongation: 65%



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