Mammut Lucido TXLite Headlamp

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Short Description
  • At 72 grams (2.5 ounces) the TXLite is so light its hardly noticeable
  • 1 HiFlux LED. Max battery life: 130 hours. Max light range: 141 m
  • Dual-Light: HIGH 41 m / 80 h; MID 32 m / 96 h; LOW 21 m / 130 h. Light angle Dual-Light in Grad: 45 degree
  • Switch-lock. Battery check
  • Weight: 38g / 72g (incl. batteries). Runs on 3 AA batteries (included)
Brand Name
The TXlite is perfect for difficult mountaineering and endurance sports, giving the user a unique double light pattern with simultaneous floodlight for short-range peripheral vision and spotlight for long-range vision from the single from the HiFlux.LED. Total Reflex Optics lenses achieve 41 m light range in a crystal-clear and sharp pattern to maximize perceived brightness, and 130 hour operating time.



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