Marmot Never Summer Sleeping Bag



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Short Description
  • certified 600+ fill power goose down
  • en tested
  • down-filled collar with easy access draw cord
  • nautilus 6-baffle hood - 6 chambers of down around head for better down control and fit
  • hood cord is positioned for easy access
  • heater pocket in foot box - for heat packets
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Down warmth to temperatures as low as 0 F. assures warmth amidst the vagaries of shoulder-season weather, making the Never Summer an ideal choice for trips, climbs and treks when sub-freezing weather is imminent.

Marmot Down Quality
Down quality is determined by fill power and durability which is dependent upon the age/maturity of the bird and the processing of the down. The best down comes from larger, more mature birds and goose down is better than duck down (when age/maturity are equal). More mature goose down has larger filament clusters than less mature goose down. These clusters, when grouped, provide many more trapped air pockets and therefore provide better insulation. To maximize the effectiveness of the down clusters, the proper processing of the down (sorting, washing & drying) is required to open them up.

Higher fill power means higher loft, better insulation, lighter weight, and greater durability. We test all of our down for content, cleanliness, species, and fill power. We guarantee minimum fill power for all of our down clothing and sleeping bags. That means, for example, that our 800 fill sleeping bags are guaranteed to have at minimum 800 fill power. We don't believe in + or variation when it comes to comfort.



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