Matuse Dojo Triathlon Full Wetsuit (2015) - Men's

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  • Strategic paneling allows you to enjoy the all the benefits with none of drawbacks of wearing a wetsuit. The 1.5mm shoulders and arms allow for max movement. 4.5mm paneling along the entire front of the suit allows for maximum flotation and warmth. The legs and back panel use a 2mm Geoprene thickness to allow for increased mobility.
  • SCS technology has hydrophobic properties that allows it to cut through water with ZERO DRAG. It basically means that Matuse's Geoprene has an out of this galaxy low surface friction coefficient of 0.032. It's so slick that it might make you smooth in all facets of life. And the Titanium Alpha barrier on your Geoprene dramatically reduces body heat loss. It is the most efficient insulating surface coating for a suit on the planet today.
  • Won't snag; doesn't suck (up water) and is butter soft. This hydrophobic material (i.e., it rejects moisture) is your windbreaker in the water.
  • Human engineered seams enable paddling harmony yet provide a static neck to minimize torque that causes chaffing and flushing.
  • Not recommend for surfing, SUP or anything other than for swimming. Since the entire suit is made out of smoothie (raw rubber) it will not hold up against abrasion on a surfboard. This suit is designed specifically for swimming.
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In the simplest of terms, a Dojo is not only a place of learning, self-improvement and self-discipline but also an arena of kicking ass and taking names. The same goes for your Dojo Triathlon suit. It will be an integral part of your daily regimen and a key component to putting the smack-down against your competitors. It's fast and it's light. It is also designed for zero restriction in the shoulders and arms. Did we mention it's fast? Self discipline is a very good thing - and so is winning.



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