Metolius Bravo Key Lock Locking Carabiner

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  • Hot-forged, key-lock design
  • Target strength: 25 kN (5620 lbf) major axis 10 kN open gate, 7 kN minor axis
  • Gate opening: 17 mm
  • Individually tested to ! its rated strength
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Weighing in at 43 grams, the Bravo Locking Carabiner is a lightweight and compact, locking carabiner with full CE/UIAA strength ratings.



That's not a knock, it really is good for keychains and dog leashes: it's got the security of a locking carabiner while being unusually compact. Also the finish wears quickly, so it only takes a single top rope session to get that street cred patina.I also use it for sport and top rope anchors, again because it's light and compact on my harness, and the slow, Metolius style screwgate isn't such a downside for that application.


I know many have objected to the use of climbing carabiners as key chains but I think it's sweet. This is a little large but can still easily fit in most pockets. I personally made a lanyard out of some paracord to fit on it. The carabiner is approximately two inches at it's longest.Great LookingVery SturdyLight WeightMinor paint wear after month of use


On my hiking belt for emergencies and occasional roped path, really seems robust. Would have preferred a twist lock but for the limited use this will get this is fine.

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