Metolius FS Mini Wiregate Carabiner



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  • Lightweight, full-strength mini carabiner
  • Hot forged
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Discontinued By Manufacturer
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Specifications: Weight: 23 grams Type: straight Gate closed strength: 23 kN Gate open strength: 8 kN Minor axis strength: 8 kN



These are the smallest, highest quality biners on the market. I love them. The only thing that would make them better is if they put a keylock style gate on there so it doesn't snag. But since I use mine mostly for non-climbing purposes, that is not a huge issue. They are super multi-functional and I use them for things like clipping my water bottle, clipping my climbing shoes, keychain, etc. Not sure how I would like the small size for climbing. Probably good for a 9-10mm rope.


First off, I'm a mountaineer and rock climber. Metolius is a well known brand and one that I have some loyalty to and own several pieces of gear by. That being said, I bought these 'biners to replace the non-full strength ones I used on my keychains AND as a piece of emergency gear for my bail out bag. They are small, lightweight, and have a very, very well engineered gate -- these are easily one of the best small 'biners I have touched, far superior to Black Diamond or Petzl.Whether you want these for a rack, for your emergency kit, or as a replacement to fake 'biners, you will not go wrong!


Don't let the 'mini' in the title fool you, this carabiner is a workhorse. I picked this up from amazon for my keychain. I was sick of the walmart brand ones that would open and throw off my keys and get stuck and wouldnt open. I needed a strong, reliable gate that wouldnt open unless i wanted it to. The metolius fs mini solved all my problems.I have been carrying this biner for my keychain for the past 2 months and it is excellent. It weighs a mere .88 ounces, not adding much weight to your key system at all. It is hot forged and is rated to withstand 4950 pounds of force before it breaks. However, ive seen it surpass this mark on youtube, not breaking until 6000 lbs was applied. it is a real climbing biner and may be overkill for my use, but i like the thing. Looks cool and I know its quality. Its nice and small and is certainly built to last, especially as a simply keychain. Highly recomend for this use, although i cant comment on its intended climbing use.

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