Metolius Personal Anchor System



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  • More versatile - can be used for equalizing anchors
  • Same weight despite higher strength
  • Safer than daisy chains (Daisy chains are designed for body weight applications only)
  • Safer, more convenient and more adjustable than using slings or quickdraws at the anchor
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Completely redesigned PAS with 11 mm (0.43) webbing that now passes the CE/UIAA"



This is my third PAS. It is the perfect solution for clipping in to any anchor or belay station. I don't leave the ground without it!


This anchor system is always on my harness. Use it all the time when lead climbing and it works great.


i have only used it once but it worked quit well and did not weigh me down. i felt very secure while using it and had no problems what-so-ever.


I originally purchased one of these and liked it so much I ordered a second. This Personal Anchor system is great for attaching yourself to an established anchor, or using it in concert, with aiders and ascenders. Just girths hitch the long loop through your harness and attach a locking carabineer, not provided in the two I ordered. The individual sewn loops daisy chains are stronger and safer than the continual sewn loop type PAS.

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