Metolius Ultralight TCU Free Set #1-4

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Metolius Ultralight TCU Free Set #1-4

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  • Pre-packaged set of the 4 largest TCUs, #1 - #4. Narrow head width for the most placement options
  • Direct Axle Technology (DAT) makes Ultralight TCUs extremely light. DAT allows for more placement op
  • Ranger Finder (on #2, #3 & #4) tells you at a glance if you've chosen the right size cam for the pla
  • U-shaped body for greater durability & unparalleled control during placement and retraction
  • Color-coded sewn slings and tubing. 13 mm Dyneema slings are lighter and less bulky.
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TCUs are great for both alpine and free climbing where weight is a critical factor. Aid climbers also love 'em because their narrow head width allows them to fit so many placements that other cams won't, like shallow seams, pockets and pin scars. The stainless steel, U-shaped body offers greater durability than single-stem units and unparalleled control during placement and retraction. CNC machined for much greater precision than stamped or extruded cams. Made from 7075 T-6 aluminum. CE/UIAA certified. Includes free Metolius Cam Lube. Includes comprehensive instructions on care and maintenance of camming units. SIZE 1 (blue): dimensions 0.49 / 0.71", strength 8 kN, weight 1.8oz / 50g; SIZE 2 (yellow): 0.62 / 0.89", 10 kN, 2.0 oz / 57g; SIZE 3 (orange): 0.74 / 1.04", 10 kN, 2.1 oz / 59g; SIZE 4 (red): 0.93 / 1.32", 10 kN, 2.4 oz / 68g.



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