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  • Always use the eyeglass keeper cords; belay glasses are somewhat top heavy- and easily dropable- please don't.
  • Do not gaze into the sun with the glasses, if you intend to get any benefit from their use, position yourself.
  • Limbs and ropes will not be where they "appear" to be in your visual field; the proprioceptive skills come quickly though.
  • The principal advantage to their usage, is the ability to snug up close to the wall for a safer belay- do so, when you can.
  • Usually (not always) you'll find it easier to belay the first bolt or so without wearing the glasses, so as to allow the greatest viewing range while the visual angle isn't so acute.
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The belay glasses are an innovative new way to use prisms. Upon putting these glasses on the Belayer can see straight up while looking straight ahead. The high quality glass is not only very durable and clear but it actually magnifies as well. Mike?s Belay Glasses allow you to belay your climbing partner without straining your neck.



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